The ​inaugural ​national ​Intelligent ​Transport ​Systems ​(ITS) ​Summit ​Singapore ​2015 ​is ​a ​key ​ITS ​event ​for ​the ​year ​jointly ​organised ​by​ ​the ​Intelligent ​Transportation ​Society ​Singapore ​(ITSS) ​and ​the ​Land ​Transport ​Authority ​(LTA). ​It ​was ​a ​2-day ​event ​that was held ​on ​12th ​and ​13th ​February ​2015 ​at ​the ​Suntec ​Singapore ​Convention ​and ​Exhibition ​Centre and well attended by close to 300 participants.

The ITS Summit Singapore aims to be a platform that ​gathers ​technology ​and ​transportation ​business ​leaders, ​innovators, ​researchers, ​investors, ​policymakers ​to ​congregate, ​share ​and ​discuss ​on ​the ​ITS ​initiatives, ​best ​practices, ​challenges ​and ​deployment ​in ​Singapore ​and ​around ​the ​region. The ​ITS ​Summit ​Singapore ​2015 ​featured ​more than 30 high ​level ​prominent ​local and overseas speakers at sessions and ​panel ​discussions, 18 exhibition showcases and technical visits.

As part of efforts to realise the vision of Smart Mobility 2030, the LTA and ITSS also launched the ITSS Student Chapter at the inaugural Intelligent Transport Systems Summit Singapore 2015.









VIP Dinner at Botanical Garden





Technical Tour