If you wish to be part of the ITS Singapore community, there are 3 types of membership to consider.


Ordinary Membership


Ordinary Membership is open to:


a) a Company, organisation, government bodies or entity incorporated in Singapore carrying on a business or activities with ITS interests.

b) a branch / subsidiary or a foreign company or entity registered in Singapore carrying on business or activities in Singapore with ITS interestes; or

c) any other registered legal entity carrying on business or activities with ITS interests in Singapore. To be approved by the Council.


Ordinary Member Benefits



The Corporate Membership fee is determined by the member's annual revenue. The annual fees will range from S$500 to S$3,000. 




Associate Membership


Associate Membership is open to individuals in the ITS industry who do not qualify under as Ordinary Member (as descripted above) but with an interest in ITS activities or belong to an organisation (Research Institutes or Institutes of Higher Learning or certain Non-Profit / Government Agnecies) whereby joining as Ordinary Members is deemed prohibited but has activities and interest in the ITS Industries.


Associate Member Benefits



The Associate Membership has an annual subscription of $80. 


Student Membership


Student Membership is open to individuals who are either full-time or part-time students in any of the Tertiary Institutions, including Polytechnics in Singapore. He/she will be part of the ITSS Student Chapter.


Student Member Benefits



The Student Membership has an annual subscription of $20. 




Join us as member


To join the community, please download the application form below, complete and scan a copy to secretary@itssingapore.org.sg


No application fee is required. All applications are subject to approval by the Council.


Download application form here: ITSS_Ordinary_Member_Application_form_2018_v1.2.pdf Form