Corporate Membership


Corporate Membership is open to companies, organisations or bodies in the ITS, transportation or related sector that have register offices in Singapore. A Corporate Member shall nominate from its directional staff a Corporate Member's Representative, and a Corporate Member's Alternate Representative, to represent the Corporate Member in the meetings. A Corporate Member, through its representative or alternate representative, has 1 vote in the General Meeting.


Corporate Member Benefits



The Corporate Membership has an annual subscription of $3000. 




Ordinary Membership


Ordinary Membership is open to individuals in the ITS, transportation or related sectors and/or who are passionate and keen to promote awareness and use of transport technologies. Ordinary Members who are above 21 years of age shall have 1 vote in the General Meeting and be elected to hold office in the Society.


Ordinary Member Benefits



The Ordinary Membership has an annual subscription of $80. 




Membership Requirement


The signatures of two proposers who must be existing members are required.


Please mail a copy of the completed application forms with the first annual subscription to:


ITS Singapore

My Mail Box No. 883160
Singapore 919191


There is no application fee. All applications are subject to approval by the Council.


Download application form here: Corporate / Ordinary membership.